Reproduction of the skeletal structures of the human body printed in 3D for educational and medical purposes. Suitable for morphological studies, diagnosis and treatment planning from a volumetric tomography. The reproduction area is defined by the doctor and can be 1: 1 or scaled to 100 micron (0.1mm).

Package content
  • Model printed on polymerized calcium sulphate for:

    • Maxillary or Jaw

    • Facial mass

    • Skull and Maxillaries

    • Full skull

    • Other parts of the body

  • Accuracy of 100 microns (0.10 mm).

  • Scale printing is subject to the maximum volume supported by the printer (23 x 18 x 12 cm).

  • Virtual prediction available to the patient in advance.2

  • Delivery time of 5 business days.3

  • DICOM patient tomography files.1

1. It must contain the print area free of noise.

2. Depending on the case.

3. After the payment and approval of the planning.

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