Dental Aligners

Treatment of transparent dental alignment as an alternative to the braces, with digitally predefined final position, achieving movements of up to .5mm per month. Once the treatment is finished by pressure, with or without complementary additions, the teeth are accommodated as they were designed digitally with an accuracy of 30 microns.


  • Precision of 30 microns (0.030 mm).

  • Comfortable, esthetic, removable and hygienic.

  • Metal free.

  • The appointment have an estimated time of 15 minutes.

  • Ease of remote treatment.

  • Virtual prediction available for the patient in advance.

  • It allows the placement of auxiliary attachments.

  • Delivery time 15 business days.

Antes de tratamiento
Antes de tratamiento

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Después de tratamiento
Después de tratamiento

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Colocación de aditamentos
Colocación de aditamentos

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Antes de tratamiento
Antes de tratamiento

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  • The retainers are included in the package.

  • The printed initial model contains the guards to place the attachments.

  • Corrections and diagnostic summary are necessary to elaborate the virtual prediction.

  • The approximate time of the appointment per patient is for follow-up of the treatment.

  • Complementary additions are for cases that require it according to their complexity, such as powerarm, elastic, buttons, tracks, etc.

  • Delivery time is after payment and approval of planning

Package content
  • Sequence of up to 60 guards.

  • Made from thermoformed acetate.

  • Printed initial model with guard for additions

  • Carrying case.

  • Description of treatment

  • Dicom files of complete maxillaries tomography.

  • The patient's tomography is in occlusion

  • Polyvinylsiloxane impressions and bite registration.

  • Intra and extraoral photographs

  • Corrections and diagnostic summary of the patient.

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