The Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid X-ray unit uses conical beam volumetric tomography (CBVT) to produce three-dimensional X-ray images that can be used for evaluation of dentomaxillofacial, ear, nose and throat anatomy, as well as other cranial anatomy.

In the CBVT, a cylindrical volume is captured in an image processing. The data consists of hundreds of images taken from different directions and cover a certain preprogrammed target area. Images can be viewed in three dimensions with the image processing program Planmeca Romexis

  • Cuts of 74 microns (0.074 mm).

  • Cone beam technology: The conical beam produces less radiation than a conventional tomograph.

  • The plaque may vary in size depending on the study performed.

  • The disc may or may not contain the CT scanner as required by the referring doctor.

  • In special cases, the prosthesis will be kept in the mouth for reasons of the study.

Package content
  • Radiographic (RX 2D) .1

  • Disc (Tomography) .2

  • The patient should remove any metallic objects that interfere with the study.

  • If the patient uses a removable prosthesis, it must be removed.

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