Dental Crowns

Various applications of crowns on natural tooth

or implanted, made in Zirconia, PMMA, Lithium Disilicate, among others.


Our manufacture is based on technology

CAD / CAM that allows to generate designs with anatomical details, which together with the

milling process of 25 micron precision

(0.25 mm) and the esthetic finishes of our

professionals in dental anatomy, will provide the patient a consistent reply of the natural tooth in size, shape and color.

  • Accuracy of 25 microns (0.025 mm).

  • Design and manufacture CAD / CAM.

  • Esthetic, durable and free of metal.

  • Exact seat with natural appearance.

  • Delivery time of 5 business days.


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Corona con abutment personalizado
Corona con abutment personalizado

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  • The fastening screw is delivered when the crown is accompanied by a custom abutment and will be compatible with the requested implant brand.

  • When the crown is on the implant, the necessary additions must be provided for its production.

  • The delivery time is from the reception of the materials.

  • The preparation of the product begins when the design is approved and payment is made.

  • Guaranteed product.

Package content
  • Crown.

  • Gypsum models.

  • Personalized abutment with fixing screw.

  • Impression of the patient with an antagonist.

  • Bite record.

  • Necessary additions for the rehabilitation of the crown on implant (abutment, transfer and analog)

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